• Welcome to Rees E. Price Academy

    Providing students with meaningful learning experiences for Grades PreK – 6 in East Price Hill.

  • Vision 2020: Expeditionary Learning

    Students will tap into their natural curiosity and design creative solutions to real-life problems.

  • Students Are Empowered

    Student-led, teacher-facilitated activities that let students tap into their unique strengths.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    We offer Co-curricular activities that engage students’ personal interests.

  • Quality CPS Preschool

    Our quality Preschool Program supports young children and families for lifelong learning.

Expeditionary Learning School

A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center, Rees E. Price Academy offers an Expeditionary Learning (EL) program that provides opportunities for students to gain skills and knowledge through real-world experiences rooted in rigorous project-based learning, field work and case studies. The EL program was selected by our school community because of its student-driven learning experiences, service focus, professional support and proven impact on academic success. Read more about our Expeditionary Learning Focus.

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