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    Our quality Preschool Program supports young children and families for lifelong learning.

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    A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center serving students Preschool-6.

Building Character and Preparing Students for Life

A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center, Rees E. Price Academy is the focal point for families in the areas of education, family support and community support. Creating an environment that encourages students to envision themselves as successful through interaction with positive role models, Price's teachers and staff instill a thirst for learning in students and promote a school wide commitment to excellence. Read More About Rees E. Price Academy

What’s Happening at Rees E. Price Academy?

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CPS Preschool: A Great Start to Lifelong Learning

Cincinnati Public Schools provides quality, comprehensive preschool programs and collaborative services to support young children and families for lifelong learning. Our CPS preschool is rated 5 stars by the Department of Education, the state's highest rating. Read more about preschool.

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7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.




1228 Considine Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45204

Our Principal Jennifer Myree

Jennifer MyreeAfter more than 20 years as a K-12 educator and school leader, Ms. Myree is honored to become the Principal of Rees E. Price Academy.  Whether it’s reading to second-graders, running with the sixth-graders in PE, or practicing phonics lessons with kindergarteners, Ms. Myree is a passionate role model for her entire school community.  She maintains high expectations and is inspired by the potential for excellence in all of her students.

Her commitment to education is driven by her mantra: “I may not change their futures, but I can increase the choices that my students have in life by ensuring that they receive a quality education.”

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