teacher helping studentRees E. Price Academy is a school of character. Students have a monthly character trait that the staff focuses on in lessons, activities and interactions with all staff members.


Showing responsibility is knowing and doing what is expected of me.

I Will statements for Responsibility:

  • I will keep my promises.
  • I will not make excuses.
  • I will do all my work to the best of my ability.
  • I will make things right when I do wrong.
  • I will know my duty and do my duty.

"Every right has its responsibilities."

— Lewis Schwellenbach

Positive School Culture

At Rees E. Price we strive to create and maintain a safe and orderly educational community that keeps students in school and engaged in the learning process.

Purpose of Positive School Culture plans:

  • To create an environment where teaching and learning can prosper
  • To promote character development to enable students to make meaningful contributions to the community
  • To provide an alternative to suspension and expulsion
  • To involve families and the community in creating safe and effective learning environments
  • To address the needs of students with behavior problems

Positive School Culture Posters

The posters focus on Being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. Posters are hung up in all areas of the school to remind the students of how to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe. Click on the below links to see our posters:

Our Process

A regular and formal communications process established to ensure the stakeholders know their role in accomplishing the mission and achieving the vision.  

Strategically Engage All Stakeholders:

  • Community and Families
  • Internal Staff
  • Students

Community and Families Communications


  • Inform
  • Secure buy in


  • Their role in building community support and enthusiasm for their school
  • Support the “I Believe in Me!” Campaign throughout the community


  • Educate the LSDMC
  • Website
  • Take-home materials for families
  • Newsletters

Internal Staff Communications


  • Ignite their passion
  • Become catalysts for change


  • How to engage in the mission and support the vision
  • Their role in the “I Believe in Me!” Campaign


  • Create a 30-second commercial for quick reference. All internal stakeholders should know.
  • Mission Mondays: announcements highlights positive activities

Student Communications


  • Instill a thirst for knowledge


  • “I Believe in Me!” Campaign
  • Identify positive attributes they want to adopt
  • Select a role model and look to teachers for inspiration


  • Develop a simplified 30-second commercial for students; i.e. promote thirst for knowledge as the phrase of the week for students
  • Mission Mondays: announcements highlights positive activities
  • Post strengths of each teacher in their assigned classroom to help students identify attributes they want to adopt


  • Harness and focus the energy of all stakeholders towards achieving the vision
  • Leverage the strengths of school and the community accomplishing the mission
  • Produce students who believe they can accomplish anything