School Schedule


School Hours Activities
7:30 a.m. Office Opens

7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast is Served
7:45 a.m. Official School Day Begins (After 7:45 a.m., students are considered tardy)
2:15 p.m Dismissal Begins
3:00 p.m. Office Closes

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal: The car riders are escorted by a staff member to the designated Car Rider Rooms (1003 & 1006). The car rider staff will supervise students and listen for the car rider numbers to be called over the walkie-talkie.  Once the car rider number is called, the student will be released by the teacher to walk to the door as hall monitors observe from their duty stations.  The parent/guardian will park cars on both sides of the driveway and wait for a staff member to escort the student to the car.  Car drivers are asked to maintain a safe speed of 10 MPH and to maintain awareness of student walkers.

Bus Riders

The buses will pick up and drop off students on the loop in the back of the building.  Students will enter the building through the cafeteria or Main Hall door.  There are staff door monitors available at both entrances to guide students to the appropriate location.  During dismissal the bus riding students will be escorted by a staff member to the bus holding area near the Main Office.  The students are escorted and board the buses in a safe and orderly manner. The K-3 students will carry colored passes to communicate their name and bus number.


The walking students will be released at 2:15 pm out of the door Lehman driveway door. The Kindergarten and 1st grade students will ONLY be released to a parent/guardian from the Kindergarten door.  Ms. Ward will supervise 2nd and 3rd grade students waiting for older siblings in the hall room 2020.

Breakfast and Lunch

Severe Weather

Cincinnati Public Schools severe-weather procedure allows the superintendent to close schools for the day or start classes two hours late to allow time for conditions to improve. When snow, icy conditions or other severe weather are predicted, listen to local TV or radio stations for school-closing announcements.

During severe weather you will hear:

  • Cincinnati Public Schools — Two-hour Yellow Bus Delay
  • Cincinnati Public Schools — Two hour delay
  • Cincinnati Public Schools — Closed

Two-hour delay

  • Yellow buses pick up students at morning bus stops two hours later than normal.
  • Metro schedules cannot be adjusted to accommodate CPS' two-hour delay. Metro buses will run as close to normal schedules as weather and road conditions permit.
  • Students who walk or are driven to school by parents should arrive two hours later than the normal start time.
  • All morning preschool will be cancelled.
  • Afternoon dismissal will occur at the normal time.

2 Hour Yellow Bus Delay

  • The purpose of a two hour bus delay is to allow temperatures to rise and/or road conditions to improve.
  • The school building will still open at 7:15 a.m. for breakfast.
  • The Yellow buses will run two hours later than normal.
  • All Metros will run on normal schedule.
  • Car Riders and walkers can report to school at normal times.
  • Afternoon dismissal will occur at the normal time.


  • No services are available.
  • School Building will be closed.